Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the health of the gums surrounding the teeth and the roots. In recent years it has become quite popular, because people discovered that not only dental aesthetics but also the gums directly affects the aesthetics. Periodontology branch consist of tartar,gingiva operations,flap operations,pupile operations, deep curritages and implantology .When smiled if gingiva is seen dropping than 3 mm it is bad aesthetics(Gummy smile).

In recent years, gingivectomy and gingivoplasti process has become requested and began to be applied.

We after evaluating the patients that are asking for aesthetics do othe operations. Now,lets anwer to the questions that you ask for periodontology.
1 What is tartar? Move Move Dental Care and Dental Treatment
2 Will tooth cleaning damage the teeth? Removal of tartar.
3 What is Bacteria Plaque?
4 May permanent teeth sway and fall?
5 What are the symptoms of Healthy gums? Gingival health
6 What are the symptoms of gum disease? Why gums get ill?
7 Neden diş etleri hastalanır? Diş eti tedavisi nedir?
8 What are the reasons for withdrawal from gum?
9 How is gingival recession treated? Treatment of gum.
10 What are periodontal diseases?
11 Can gums save a great form?
12 Dişlerim çok kısa görünüyor, uzun görünmesi için yapılabilecek bir şey var mı?
13 How is gum disease treated?
14 What is the flap operation? How is Flap surgery done ?


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