Orthodontic Treatment?

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What is orthodontic treatment?

Treatments done by moving eqıipment

Generally ,it is kind of treatment done for children in growing period, within certain hours of the day by using equipments that can be taken out. Booster treatments, and preventive (prophylactic) treatment is available. Patient's compliance for using the apparatus is very important for treatment.
1 Ortodonti Ankara, Ankara Ortodonti Kliniği ve Ortodonti Tedavisi
2 What is orthodontic treatment?
3 What does Orthodontic treatment provide other than aesthetics?
4 Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age?
5 What is the ideal time of conveying my child to an orthodontist?
6 Are you able to orthodontic treatment in adults?
7 What may be the causes of orthodontic problems?
8 Are milk teeth important for orthodontic sight?
9 How is orthodontic treatment done?
10 Under what conditions Orthodontic treatment must be done?
11 How long does orthodontic treatment last?
12 If it turns into the old after leaving wires?
13 What is Porcelain bracket system?
14 What is lingual orthodontics?
15 Lingual orthodontic treatment can be applied to every patient?
16 What is invisalign system? What is Transparent brace?
17 What should I do for oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment?


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