What is a Root Canal?

Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy ,What is it

Endodontics, is also known  as root canal treatment . It is a kind of treatment that takes place when pulp is damaged in a position that it can not repair itself.Pulp is a soft layer  that takes places inside the teeth and consisting of the neurovascular packages.Usually  broken teeth and deep caries cause pulp to get infected .If infected or damaged pulp is not taken out ,it causes surrounding tissues to get infected,moreover loss of teeth may occur.

How to do  Root Canal Treatment?

  • The first phase of treatment begins with anesthesia in the tooth to be painless.
  • Cary is cleaned,infected pulp is taken out.Then,all bruises and nerves within  root duct is cleaned.
  • Canals  are extended until to the tip of the root and channel irrigation is done by  appropriate solutions.
  • If a root canal treatment will last for more than one session  appropriate drugs are put in the channels so as to have  sessions with accelerated recovery,what is more, a temporary filling is placed on the tooth between sessions.
  • When it is obvious that healing had occured,  a special filler is used to fill root canals  to the tip.

Does Root Canal Treatman Hurt?
Any pain is  felt, because local anesthesia is applied to teeth during root canal treatment.

How long will a Root Canal Treatment  last?
It changes based on the situatio of the tooth. Within some cases, a healthy filling can be done within one session while within some cases,it can take more then one session(until it is  sure that   tissues are healing).

What is the life time of  a tooth that had Root Canal Treatment?
After preventive measures are taken not to be infected again  and not to have new tooth decay,  a canal-treated teeth can be used for life. This process must be controlled  by the dentist regularly.



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