What are periodontal diseases?

The initial level of gum disease.

If teeth are not brushed within seven days gingivitis occur

Common symptoms of the disease red, swollen, bleeding gums.

In general, pain, tingling-like sensation at this stage is not observed.

There is no loss of attachment of the tooth and surrounding bone tissue.

By timely intervention of dentist, and paying  additional attention to your oral hygiene you can get well. If untreated, it will change toperiodontitis.


Unlike Gingivitisten periodontal tissues and bone  loss occur , and there is now an irreversible stage.

There are different types. Genetics, poor oral hygiene, some systemic diseases can affect the formation and development of periodontitis.

Erken dönem periodontitis: Early Stage Periodontitis

Orta düzeyde periodontitis:Middle Stage Periodontitis

İlerlemiş periodontitis:Advanced Periodontitis

Gum Disease

Aggressive periodontitis:

Scroll to the loss of teeth can cause a rapidly destructive disease. Gum may also require treatment with medication.

Chronic periodontitis: gingival recessions and the deep pockets, it  is usually observed at the age of 35.

It spreads less rapidly but may have high spread.

Necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis:

Abbreviated as NUP. There are areas of inflamed gums and surrounding tissues, necrotizing.

Usually observed in HIV-infected individuals.



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