What is the price of Denture Prosthesis?

First of all, known for our coating of porcelain denture teeth coming together, a complete denture, metal hook removable prosthesis, the implant prosthesis and aesthetic metal-free porcelain, dentures, entering into all this.

In addition, the cost of laboratory technicians working with the dentist directly proportional to the art of the technician, although the quality of the material used by dentist, dental impression material quality and the prices of used equipment directly affects the quality of the prosthesis.

  • Normal Porcelain dental prices: Between 150 TL - 250.TL
  • Aesthetic Porcelain Veneer metal-free dental prices: prices range from  250TL to  600TL.
  • Dental implant prices average ranges 600 USD – 700 USD.

Healthy for the right decision and pre-interview and appointment, please ask us. We will guide you by showing the best options in the computer environment, according to your preferences and would be best to make a more accurate pricing.


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