Pedodontics | Children's Dental Health

Pedodontics, comprehensive oral health of children from the age of infancy and follow the development of the jaw-facial region and treats, as well as protective measures, including the branch of dentistry. In short, children's dentistry.

So as to have a healthy mouth and teeth infrastructure when children return to adult they must give the required importance to  mouth and teeth from early childhood

The first prevention that must be taken by family and dentist is the  protective dentistry.

Habits can be won  at an early age.

Oral health habits of children is up to parents.

The continuation of the first deciduous teeth in children's teeth the dentist should guide the family about the teeth care of children.

Malnutrition leads to problems such as slow down development and early tooth loss.
As   families think that baby teeth will change they do not take care of them. 

However, the situation is not that simple at all.

So, protective actions must start by educating mother firstly  in starting from pregnancy.

Mother and baby's dental health must not be seen very disparate.

Children is so up to new information, it is clear that they memorise mother's every move. Therefore, a possible example of the behavior must be shown in front of children.

For example, when your daughter sees that you brush your teeth before sleeping she will also want to brush her teeth,or when your son sees that you have routine dental controls without fear he will understand that it is not horrible process.


We divided suggestions on our site for the health of your child and yourself into pre-natal and post natal.



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