What may be the causes of orthodontic problems?

1 - Loss of Milk  in an early age because of reasons such as teeth caries, trauma etc :

Baby teeth are the protector for the places of permanent teeth. Early losses can affect the riding of teeth that are below and can also affect the statue of  riding permanent teeth.

2 - Bad habit factor:
Thumb sucking, lip biting, lip sucking, bottle and pacifier usage without  physiological heading for long periods ,pens and so on. Biting an object, making pressure in different directions by that object will cause to have some serious orthodontic problems.

Again,lets make it remembered! reached serious proportions with the problems of early diagnosis and intervention can be treated easily.

3 - Respiratory problems:
preventing breathing problems in children as a result of the respiratory tract that makes it easy to breathe through the mouth breathing prevents the development of the right jaw bones and teeth over time leads to the disturbances, in which case you may need to work with the orthodontist and ENT specialist. Some of these obstacles are tonsil inflection, polyps, adenoid vegetation.

4 - Genetic factors:
deficiencies in the genes of the family members through the teeth, tooth shape, and position defects can be transferred to children. Or small chin from one adult, large teeth  from other may have been taken, a narrow upper jaw, lower jaw forward in a wide can be  transferred as an inherit. Skeletal problems may lie in  the root of inheritance.

5 - During pregnancy:
A number of reasons such as  nutritional deficiency, abnormal placement of fetus , and being forced to have  x-rays , may cause to have problem in teeth and jaw.



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