How is orthodontic treatment done?

-Treatments done by moving eqıipment
-Constant treatments
-Extra-oral (non-oral) treatments with devices
-Orthognathic surgical treatments

What is orthodontic treatment?
Treatments done by moving eqıipment

Generally ,it is kind of treatment done for children in growing period, within certain hours of the day by using equipments that can be taken out. Booster treatments, and preventive (prophylactic) treatment is available. Patient's compliance for using the apparatus is very important for treatment.

Constant treatment:

It is a kind of treatment that only a dentist can put and take out. Small boxes that has small wires inside are sticked on teeth (which may be metal or porcelain) and these are called as brackets. In this way, the force transferred to the teeth, the desired tooth movement was built.

Lingual Treatment is also a treatment that brackets are not put on teeth but inside. Although they are more aesthetic indications (applicability) are more limited.

The non-oral treatments with devices:

During growth within the children having  skeletal problems, applying  force by taking help from  skull and facial bones. Excessive forward protruded upper teeth and jaw, may be indications of a sharp front and a lower jaw. AGE   is very important in this treatment.

Extraoral devices used in intra-oral devices may also need to be combined.

Orthognathic surgical treatments:

Used for adults that do not have orthodontic treatment,having skeletal problems ,having problems during birth ,in case of accident or having trauma. There is a preparation phase before the orthodontic. Can only be applied after the surgery.



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