What is a Dental Implant

In the form of titanium dental implant screw is produced and inserted into the jawbone . Serves as a secure root of a tooth. Crown or bridge can be made on it if needed. Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya, you can ask questions about your implant treatment,and  can make an appointment.

When is Dental Implant a Alternative for?

Single, partial or total lack of dental problems, dental implants  will bring a solution to a lasting and comfortable solution.
The lack of a single tooth;

If there is a lack of a single tooth, usually a single tooth implant process restores the chewing function and  allows you to have natural-looking teeth!

Partial edentulous;

Partial edentulous cases, several implant supported by bridge or crowns serves nature closest to the ideal solution.in terms of function and appearance,

Total edentulous;

If  you have  problems with the upper or lower jaw (or both) with a sufficient number of total edentulous you can choose either the implant supported dentures or Sabt (or both).

5 or more implant-supported fixed prosthesis is removable only by the dentist back.

Mobile prosthesis are the upper structures that can be used as fixed when needed but can be removed easily by using the carrier of two or more parts attached to the implant .

Firmly attached to the implant with the prosthesis is placed on bun holders. Speech, movements such as chewing and laughing is certainly the risk. Treatment options depend on the patient's own personal situation.

Both fixed and mobile prosthesis implant teeth  provide  worry-free  life while  smiling, chewing, talking.


İmplant Resimleri

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