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Zirconium Plating
Today, as a result of increasing people's aesthetic needs and expectations, aesthetic dentistry, technology is evolving quickly. As a result, material was found that were more natural, closer to the light transmission in natural tooth , more bio-compatible  to gingival.

These developments and the material were used in the construction of the most aesthetic porcelain (metal-free veneers, crowns, bridges, laminated covers, press, porcelain, zirconium porcelain). Zirconium Porcelain without metal support have been the choice of the patients with better targeting high expectation of aesthetic  and  porcelain dental profession .

After Zirconium

This patient's upper front teeth have been coated with porcelain metal-supported and aesthetic status is really in a bad condition.

Removing the old porcelain zirconium porcelain made from the same patient. And the result ...

In dentistry, the use of zirconium metal close to the robustness of the infrastructure, such as other metals used in the porcelain reflected on the bottom, does not cause gum stains, and came up with is resistant to corrosion. In fact, some companies of dental implants and abutments (the upper structure of the implant) has preferred in the manufacture of titanium zirconium material. In addition, post-core, inlay-onlays, CAD-CAM dentistry orthodontic bracket is also being used.Within Dentistry  (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology dissemination and use of dental laboratories is resulted  with the widespread construction of zirconium.

Of course, every good thing has a price. Zirconium porcelain prices aesthetics of the work that the art of the technician and the dentist, porcelain is used to measure quality and cost of a process starting with the addition of materials that make up approximately 2-3 times the normal porcelain is the cost of a patient. Recent studies with a high intellectual level of consciousness of people turned out to be the direction of dentists expected zirconium porcelain. For more detailed information about the aesthetic coatings kindly make an appointment with us and with our team of experts  against the computer and  lets start to explain with examples ...