Who may bleach his teeth?

In this process, there is no age limit. Of course, after the age of 12 it  may be applied. But if most of the development of dental patient has not completed it does  not make any  sense to whitten teeth.

As much as who wants to change the color of the teeth and feels psychologically uncomfortable this process can be applied, because this is an aesthetic requirement, in other words  it  is not something related to the health of the patient. No one (dentists), should not advocate  the teeth whitening.

Although some patients have white teeth this disease can make them feel  their teeth as yellow and they can whitten their teeth  so anyone is  free to whitten teeth.

But  within patients with damaged dentin or tooth enamel, with gnashing or clenching   teeth habit  whitening  (tooth bleaching) is not applied

However, all patients with strong tooth enamel tooth whitening can be  implemented.


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