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The most common form of treatment used in aesthetic dentistry, consist of porcelain veneers in the  form of the metal-free. Today, metal-free porcelain usage is getting  widespread based on  society's increasing expectations of the aesthetic and  advances in the adhesive dentistry (bonding-using glue ) , before   metal-backed porcelains that has increased usage within the last 5 years in dentistry the treatment  that was done  widely in our country was metal supported porcelains in our country.


So, What is Porcelain veneer - crowns - the bridge?


It is the name given to the porcelain restoration made in case of deformities of the teeth, aesthetic problems, confusion and missing tooth , and common  name used among the people is porcelain tooth . Within dentistry  also within our country  ,the porcelain coat type that is used among long time is  metal-supported porcelain coatings..

Is there a difference between crown and bridge?

There is a difference, they are not the same thing, the phrase of porcelain bridges is being used within teeth missing that  we fill the missing tooth location next to the teeth with the support of others.

Esthetic porcelain  are separated into  3. These are:


  • Laminat Kaplama Ankara
  • Diş Ekme Ankara
  • Diş Tasarımı Ankara
  • Gülüş Tasarımı Ankara
  • Estetik Dolgu Ankara
  • Beyaz Diş Ankara
  • Lamina Kaplama Ankara
  • Laminate Kaplama Ankara
  • Laminate Diş Ankara
  • Diş Ağrısı Ankara