Composite Filling

Composite Filling (White Filling-Işınlı Dolgu-Esthetic Filling)Systems

Based on the improvement of adhesive dentistry , silver fillings (amalgam fillings) were changed to white fillings .They can be with a variety of colors of natural teeth and in the meantime the color of the composite systems that can give color of each layer of the tooth (enamel-dentin) are also placed in the market. Besides these advantages, smaller cavities are being opened as a result of the development of technology for the adhesion of composite fillings ,in other words provides more protection and less tooth loss . Composite fillings (amalgam) has taken place of gray fillings, where aesthetics are in consideration.
1 What is the difference with the Laser-light filling? 22866
2 Is pain being felt during this process? 19482
3 Is it look natural? 17078
4 Do composite fillings change color over time? 19401
5 Do Composite fillings require a special care applied to the teeth? 15048
6 What is the life time of composite fillings? 25827
7 Is this process expensive? 23881
8 What is the duration of treatment? 16506
9 What are the issues of this process that is not applicable? 15580

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