Adhesive Systems

What is Adhesive Dentistry (Bonding)

If you are not satisfied  with the shape of your teeth, color, posture, height, to sum up  with the esthetics of it ,in each area of  today’s dentistry ,adhesives(that sticky substances)  have to be used  to fix it up. If we define it in a simple format,  Bonding is the basis of aesthetic dentistry. Esthetic dentistry in the world  being so successful  is resulted based  on the basis of the spread of adhesion (bonding) technology.
Adeziv Sistemler
How  and Where is Adhesive (sticky substances ) used?

Adhesive technology (bonding), the popularly used as white fillings (composite fillings), the metal support which covers aesthetic dental porcelains (Laminate, zirconium, Empress) are used. And one by one, telling them to be useful to classify.

  • Laminat Kaplama Ankara
  • Diş Ekme Ankara
  • Diş Tasarımı Ankara
  • Gülüş Tasarımı Ankara
  • Estetik Dolgu Ankara
  • Beyaz Diş Ankara
  • Lamina Kaplama Ankara
  • Laminate Kaplama Ankara
  • Laminate Diş Ankara
  • Diş Ağrısı Ankara