My child’s tooth had broken down...

Just do not panic.

Many children live such accidents.

Teeth can be broken from one or more places or it can get out of its place.

Before going to your nearest dentist here are some things that you need to do;

  • Collect and keep broken parts so as to avoid them dry. Do not wrap a napkin or piece of newspaper.
  • Milk is very convenient for transportation of broken pieces. If possible, bring your dentist in the milk. Saline, water or saliva, can be storage alternatives.
  • Please contact your dentist immediately. Very good results were obtained in the first half-hour intervention.
  • Keep part of the tooth  from crown (visible part of the mouth) never  touch the root.
  • Do not  brush or rub with your hands the broken parts.

Different treatments  can be used for broken teeth and teeths totally gone out . Dentist will check the statue of the broken part by taking  film and also he will check if there is any roken part within the tissues or not. In the case of broken bones in the jaw and face mouth, teeth, jaw surgeons and medical doctors have to study together.



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