What are the procedures that you will take to protect my child’s teeth?

There are things to do within the clinic additionally to the things that you do at home.

These practices;

  • Fissure sealants (sealants)
  • Fluoride applications
  • PRR (RESIN Restoration Preventive) Preventive resin restorations
  • Placeholders

Fissure sealants:
There  are indents  in the chewing surfaces of teeth which are called pits and fissures. Bacteria and food debris  can easily move to these places,. Therefore, in order to prevent holding of  cary making bacterias to that area, pit and fissures are filled by suitable resin materials.Can be done in different colors to make child love itFor example, kept in accordance with the colors of the team, her favorite color, etc.. so that the child will be better motivated.

Applications of fluoride:  Fluoride exists in tissues, usually having calcium ,as  calcium-fluoride compounds.  Can be applied systemically  or locally (by the help of a dentist and a proposal). Dentists  may do flourid applications by  solutions, gels, fluoride releasing special appliances, by means of fluoridevenics. In addition, there are also benefits in the use of fluoride toothpastes. Another way is to give fluoride tablet to child by the physician based on the amount of fluoride that day  take within a day(ratio of fluoride in the water, etc.). But the family should act with caution in the use of them.

Placeholders: Replace the lost tooth, especially the early loss of deciduous teeth by holding the permanent tooth from the bottom instead of the preserves. Very useful to be done. Failure to orthodontic treatment in the case will have to sort out causes for malocclusion.



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