How children having harmony problem can be treated ?

Children exhibit different behaviors at different ages.

Each child should be treated differently based on the b different age groups and structures.

It is very important to win them rather than scaring.

In this case, the family has an important role.

Parents should not scare children by telling ‘doctor gets angry to you,doctor makes needle to naughty boys…etc’Otherwise,we have to spend much more time to win that kind of children having fear in the clinic.

We carry on treatments in the clinic by showing the care we give to them and the trust we have for them.

In spite of all studies done, we use process called as   sedation  fort he children stil having harmony problems and that have intellectual disabilities.

This process is applied by various methods under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Loss of consciousness is not in question as in  general anesthesia. Within moderate sedation, the patient hears  and applies the commands.

The patient is monitored vital signs are noted.

One of the methods commonly used in dentistry is nitrous oxide inhalation sedation.



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