If the milk tooth is not treated,will it cause a problem?

Yes, but also creates more problems than estimated.

The presence of milk teeth and their health is a guide and protector for the permanent teeth under milk teeth and is really important for children’s social and  physical health.

A beautiful smile will affect psychology of child positively and healthy teeth occur with a healthy diet.

Milk teeth is holder and protector for permanent teeth under theirselves, they affect the health development of teeth and jaw, and moreover, infection on them and being not treated may affect the general health and permanent teeth health.

Milk teeth being not treated after cary and cary being developed  may cause pain.

In addition, abscess being  developed may create problems such as restlessness,pain, and fever.

Type and location of the abscess is also very important. Untreated, gangrene tooth is a source of infection.

Hypoplasia can cause a condition called Turner's cheesy.

Makes a bad smell. As it is not able to complete placeholder duty it causes to have malocclusion(problems in teeth queue)



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