When does milk teeth appear?

Dentition in children develops in the form of 3 semesters.

The first of these milk dentition period.

Second, the mixed dentition and permanent dentition after the monitored periods.

Milk period of dentition is very important.

First milk tooth in the mouth is seen at 6-8 months of age and  it is bottom 1.cutter. Moreover, between ages 2.5 to 3 , 2nd milk molar teeth maintenance complete series.

Mixed dentition period begins by the continuance of permanent 1. molar tooth ( toothof age 6) at age 6. This period lasts until the last milk teeth to fall instead of the permanent teeth. Permanent tooth period is the time that no milk teeth remains.

Milk dentition of a child in a good set of teeth and oral health is a good predictor of the period of permanent dentition.

Especially important to prevent baby from  bottle decay during this period.

By thinking that milk teeth will change, it  should not be underestimated.



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