When children should start brushing teeth?

When baby's first tooth came out, parents must do tooth cleaning.

In this process the surface of the teeth and mouth should be cleaned by wiping with a gauze .

Starting in the use of toothbrush it is  suitable  within the averaging of  2.5 years old.

Before the time children  start brushing teeth,parents must  have a large role to make it emulated.

Toothbrush should be given to children without toothpaste and should be shown as a game.

As children can not do effective brushing , there are benefits for the parents to have control of it.

The toothbrush that  children will use must be  comfortly used small and soft-bristled brushes.

Only with water up to the age of 3-4 is approvable, after the age of  this the scrubbing process can be performed by placing a small amount of putty.



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