Is there a negative effect of pregnancy to my tooth and oral health?

Pregnancy is a process that must be meticulously cared in every sense.

Feeding  process of mothers
, use of medications, some diseases significantly affect the health of the baby's mouth and teeth.

In order to prevent negative effects to health care,  you must be under control of  a  physician and follow  his advice.

Also in terms of pregnancy, it is a period that mother should be very careful  about  her own oral and tooth health.

Strong belief of  losing teeth during pregnancy is  wrong.

If  tooth loss occurs during this period this is because of  the oral hygiene being deteriorated due to factors such as  nausea and vomiting.

In a mouth with less hygiene accumulation of plaque will increase, the ground for the formation of caries will be prepared.

In addition, the so-called pregnancy gingivitis gum problem may also occur.

During this period, plaque control and calcium-rich foods, a proper diet will protect you for the damages.



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