Why should tooth of age 20 be withdrawn?

Rotten: Caries may occur  in teeth if   saliva, bacteria and uneaten meal are accumulated during the lasting of the teeth, it can treat other teeth  and it is difficult to realize . If caries occur in these teeth it can cause infection and  abscess. Pain can be felt.

Gum abscess (Pericoronitis): A part of the erupted teeth, infections in the region can affect the soft tissue  and may cause to have bad smell breath , pain,oedama.In some cases,mouth looses the ability of being opened and  trismus occurs,if this lasts  it can also spread to neck and cheek area by the help of the lymphs .As this area is not suitable for best cleaning it is vulnerable for infection .

Pressure Pain:Tooth of age 20 may put pressure on other teeth during lasting and may cause pain.Besides it may cause detrital and resorption in nearer teeth.

Orthodontic Purpose: Many young individuals  are having orthodontic treatment to correct inexplicit  statue within their teeth.Lasting pressure of tooth of age 20 may cause pressure in the neighboorhood ,may push others  and  may result as inexplicit form.

Prosthesis Related Causes: While planning for Prosthesis we must take tooth of age 20 into consideration cause they are rarely used as a prosthetic. Therefore,in some cases they cause for pulling out of teeth.


Cyst Formation: While the surrounding of the impacted teeth, follicle (case) may be resolved due to lack of cystic formations. These formations may  grow and bone resorption (erosion) and may create large gaps in the bone causing weakness of the jaw bone. In these case, the jaw bone can cause fractures. On rare occasions it can turn into cysts, tumors. To avoid this risk, tooth of age 20  extraction must be  done without delay.


I do not have problem within tooth of age 20 ,do I have to make it pulled out anyway?

Although you do not have a problem with it, you  must talk to your doctor for check up and examination, and panoramic film must be taken for better analysis. If you do not have a problemic position, infection, place problem ,dental caries problem, or bad breath it  can be evaluated later. But remember that it  may all come out at a time suddenly as  unexpected  and it may cause pain and a lot of more troubles . To prevent this behavior,it may also be pulled out for protection.



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