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Within our website, hekimim.tk, you can find answers to your questions regarding aesthetic dentistry and a lot more about dental health issues, moreover you can get more detailed information about treatments by contacting with our dentists.

Our web sites headlines;

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Composite (white) fillings;

What is the difference from Laser-light fill? – Do you feel pain during this process? – Does it appear Natural ? – Do Composite fillings change color over time? – Do Composite fillings require a special care applied to the teeth? - What is the life time of composite fillings? - Is this process expensive? – What is the duration of treatment ? - What are the issues of this process being not applicable?

Tooth Whitening (Bleaching):

Teeth Whitening - Tooth Bleaching - Bleaching – Do you feel pain during Teeth Whitening ? - How Long will Teeth Whitening be effective? - Who may bleach teeth? – Is Teeth Whitening applicable for all color types? - Who should whiten your teeth? - Why The teeth lose their whiteness? - How can be Teeth whitened? How can Tooth Whitening be done? How teeth can be more white.How can teeth be whitened at home?