Is there a difference compared to a normal tooth extraction?

  • Yes, different..Position of tooth of age 20, position in the jaw bones , size, standing position, size,its upperside being covered by bone or  mucous may cause to have difficulty in the withdrawn.
  • In this region, an easy mild swelling, pain and bleeding may occur after withdrawn. After withdrawn process, if blood is not collected in the withdrawn space ,in other words, if this place remains dry  a problem  so called as alveolitis- -dry socket  may occur.A few days later it may get well.If the dentist's recommendations are followed ,with  a good post-operative (post-process) and  maintenance medication, with doctor's observation and dressing , patients may not face with these kind of problems.
  • In patients with later age, as  bone structure  is more concentratied and  lessflexibile, withdrawn becomes more difficult and recovery get slower.



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